Our Program

Affordable DIY digital marketing planning and production services for small businesses.

How it Works

Self-managed or co-managed, we’re with you every step of the way. We’ll effectively guide you if you want to do it yourself, or you can choose for our team to handle things if you don’t have time to do yourself.

Client Discovery

We learn about your business and help you set near-term objectives.


Marketing Roadmap

We’ll create and provide a monthly marketing plan outlining the primary activities each month to meet your objective.

Monthly Consulting

We’ll schedule monthly checkpoint calls to collaborate and to make sure the monthly marketing activities are being completed.

Production Services

Based on your objective, we can provide monthly production services to help you execute your plan.

Your DIY Smart Marketing Toolset

Your digital marketing roadmap will include proven tactics and activities, in the right order, to support your objectives and budget.

Business Search Visibility

Search Visibility

Search Visibility is vital, and there’s more to it than you think.  We know how it works, and can guide you or implement what is needed to improve and extend your digital footprint.

Google My Business

Did you know that many owners don’t realize how powerful their Google My Business profile can be to help their business? Or they don’t have access/ownership of it?

Digital Business Management

Keeping your business organized isn’t as easy as it used to be, especially in the digital age

Business Cards & Brochures

Create elegant business cards and brochures to support your offline sales.

Social Media

Sorta like having a website or your name in the yellow pages.

Customer Service

Might sound cliché, but good customer service can be the key to long lasting

Customer Experience

Enable your patients or customers to LOVE you

Website Management

Learn web best-practices to create and manage your website.

Online Reviews & Reputation

Once many other fundamentals are in place, getting online reviews can be a major player.

Content & Blogs

More content = more traffic and better SEO and more existing patient interaction and….

Email Marketing & Automation

You’ve all heard of Constant Contact and Mailchimp…  but how can they really help? 

Content & Blogs

More content = more traffic and better SEO and more existing patient interaction and….


Imagine everywhere you go, people know you, know your name, know your practice name

YouTube & Videos

First of all, Google owns YouTube.  Secondly, more and more of the internet audience is viewing videos.

Digital Analytics

We’re going to do a full review of your business as it is now.

Digital Press

When more people know about the good work you’re doing.

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