Maximize your marketing spend with DIY Smart Marketing

We assist you in driving administration services for all marketing, digital media, and more.

What is DIY Smart Marketing?

Our structured digital marketing program will help guide you every step of the way.

With DIY Smart Marketing, we understand the big picture, and the customized Monthly Roadmap plan we develop for you will make sure everything is accomplished in the right order – so you’re not wasting time and money on campaigns and setup of things that your business just simply isn’t ready for yet.

Why DIY?

For a small monthly fee we can help you plan and co-manage a marketing program to support your small business.

On-Demand Support

Gain access to expert guidance, on-demand.

Save Money

We help you eliminate waste and optimize your dollars.

You're In-Control

Choose from self-managed or co-managed programs.


We are a top-rated team of advisors who love what we do.

BRASS TACKS:  Horse, then cartSeriously… Horse, THEN cart.  The industry challenge is that if you’re trying to build your business yourself, and on a budget, and you’re not well-experienced with digital marketing – you’re likely to not know what to do, how to prioritize, how much to spend, and what order to do all the things that need to be done to establish a foundation for growth.

With our experience, we fight for businesses to truly own their online profiles and business in an organized way, and protect their budgets from wasted spending.  There IS an order to all this, and we created DIY Smart Marketing because it seems nobody is guiding small businesses on the holistic, smart, affordable process to grow – and grow right.  The DIY Smart Marketing Roadmap and subscription fulfills this need.  This is why DIY Smart Marketing was created. 

We're on a quest to help you succeed.

Extremely knowledgeable

"The team at DIY Smart Marketing is extremely knowledgeable and great at helping me understand what’s important, when to achieve tasks, and what to ignore when other "sales people" try to throw me off course.  They really know what's REAL, and what's not."

Feel like they are a partner

"After the experience of getting my Roadmap, I can tell DIY Smart Marketing is more of a partner who genuinely cares and wants our business to succeed and grow. So different than all the others..."

Honest and Ethical

"DIY Smart Marketing has been honest and ethical from the beginning, even when it doesn't benefit their business...  they always and only look out for MY success - which are traits that should not be taken for granted."

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