About Us

DIY Smart Marketing is backed by established and dedicated digital marketing consultants with more than 40 years of collective experience.

Our goal is to share this experience in a way that affordably allows you to grow your business to the next level, and up and up!

Our Team

Jon Rottier

As the founder of DIY Smart Marketing Jon is the brains and drive behind this operation. His quite notable “digital marketing” experience started in 1999 as the sixth guy in a startup software firm as Marketing Director, and helped grow the firm until being acquired by ORACLE in the mid-2000’s. He has since continued to help small businesses grow and market themselves at his firm New-Ride Design (DIY Smart Marketing is a dba of New-Ride Design). As the Funder of DIY Smart Marketing, Jon is the fun behind this operation. He thinks he’s funny, but really he just a 40-something-year-old guy trying to help small businesses (and large) be more successful. Ok ok. Maybe he’s a little funny on occasion…  As serious as your business is, no reason success can’t be established with some smiles along the way!

Olivier “Fox” Renard

Project taskmaster, website guru, Google My Business master, graphics and video monster… Olivier is our specialist in those taskmaster/guru/master/monster areas to make sure our customers’ projects are implemented effectively, and with style. Highlighting the creative bits – if you need a logo, or animated/video version of your logo – contact us for that fun, Fox makes your logo shine.  Fox has worked with parent-company New-Ride Design for years, and has been a driving force in the success of DIY Smart Marketing.

He’s also our bi-lingual employee – so if you speak French, you’ll be at home talking with him about… anything!  English works too!

J. Eric Hill

Eric is the CEO & Founder of OpenMedium, Inc. and provides expert marketing technology and website guidance to our DIY Smart Marketing clients. He is passionate about building beautiful digital experiences that drive success. He spent years developing technology that supports business websites in a way that no other hosting stack can match.  Like the rest of our team, Eric shares the creative bug that just can’t be shaken…  lately using his talents to create NFT artwork and markets.  When not immersed in technology he enjoys being in the mountains with his family and friends and motorcycles.

What is DIY Smart Marketing?

DIY Smart Marketing was developed by (and is a dba of) New-Ride Design – a marketing company incorporated in 2001. While providing marketing and business development services to hundreds of small business over the course of the last 20 years, it was found that MOST small businesses with small budgets were missing many of the core marketing and business features needed to get them to “the next level” – that they could do themselves if guided appropriately.

The mission of DIY Smart Marketing is to provide:

  • A platform to build the core foundation of your business for growth
  • Affordable guidance to allow business-owners the ability to spend time/money wisely while implementing what they need to get to the next step (money and time are the same… you can spend or waste both equally – we’re here to reduce the waste)
  • A team to implement needs if you can’t DIY, and experienced consultants to make sure you’re accomplishing the right things, at the right time
  • Help and guidance to grow your business to the next level, so you don’t need to DIY anymore and can afford a virtual team to handle everything possible so you can focus on running your business effectively.

Why did we create DIY Smart Marketing?

The project was developed in a way to help more small businesses succeed in building their business and marketing foundation AFFORDABLY. Sure, we love big budget clients who can invest thousands of dollars every month – but that’s just not realistic for most small businesses. Imagine bottling up decades of experience and implementations and consulting, and getting that guidance delivered at a reasonable price to build your business. Feel free to think of us as your own marketing Guru or your personal marketing consultant-teacher. In other words, Tony Stark and Mother Teresa’s baby with a lot of marketing experience.

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