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What is Do-It-Yourself Smart Marketing?

DIY Smart Marketing was developed by New-Ride Design Founder, Jon Rottier.  After providing marketing and business development services to hundreds of small business over the course of the last 20 years, it was found that MOST small businesses were always missing many of the core marketing and business features needed to get them to "the next level."

The project was developed in a way to help more small businesses succeed in building their business and marketing foundation AFFORDABLY.  Sure, we love big budget clients who can invest thousands of dollars every month - but that's just not realistic for most small businesses. 

Imagine bottling up decades of experience and implementations and consulting, and getting that guidance delivered at a reasonable price to build your business.

Feel free to think of us as your own marketing Guru or your personal marketing consultant-teacher. In other words, Tony Stark and Mother Teresa's baby with a lot of marketing experience.

Marketing tactics for chiropractors


Put that shiny object down!  When it comes to marketing it's really easy to get excited about some "new thing" that someone is selling and think it will solve all of your problems right away. NO SUCH SOLUTION EXISTS.

The problem isn't that the "new thing" is invalid, it's just that if you don't have a strong business and marketing foundation in place already -  that "new thing" will be a total waste of your time and money.

You need a solution that will actually work and continue building your business over time


This is why DIY Smart Marketing is the best program for so many small businesses. We don't promise overnight results that will allow you to retire next week.  The best way for growth is to implement vital aspects of marketing into your business over time, without overwhelming yourself or your staff, and having a full understanding of each element and why it's important to your business for long-term growth.

You need your business to succeed, and we can help.

Take the first step by subscribing today.  Within a month you'll have an outlook and action plan, and feel confident knowing there's a team implementing the plan for you and with you - allowing a realistic and successful vision of your future.

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    Choose DIY Smart Marketing if you not only want a team accomplishing your marketing tasks for you, but also want to learn WHY and HOW everything works - so you truly understand and command your business.
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Make sure this is the right fit for your business.  Schedule a 30-minute call with one of our experts so we can make sure DIY Smart Marketing is the right fit for you. 

If what you need is not a match, we'll help get you pointed in the right direction.  If this IS the right fit, we'll help get you started and answer any of your questions.


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Our Mission

To build trust and create a partnership with our customers, while affordably helping them improve function and marketing exposure so they can reach their goals for success.

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Our Solutions

Our approach offers a customized approach to every business, making sure all the vital aspects to business function and marketing are taken care of in the right order (too many to list here!).  This includes everything from online marketing, Social Media, having proper signage and handouts, the technical aspects of Google Authorizations and measuring marketing performance, to business development consulting and much more.

Core Values of a Marketing company

Our Values

At DIY Smart Marketing, we value integrity, hard work, and most importantly our subscribers' experience - because you deserve a resource that is designed around you and your needs. One that will be honest, valuable, easy to understand, and that will produce tangible results.


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