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DIY Smart Marketing
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DIY Smart Marketing provides you the opportunity to work with a TRUSTED Business Development and Marketing firm that is experienced in helping Chiropractic practices improve. 

We understand you're busy, and often feel overwhelmed by:

  • How to get more New Patients in the door
  • If your business and online profiles are setup right and doing their job
  • Not knowing how to prioritize your marketing or business development
  • Managing staff and customer service
  • Ever-changing requirements for compliance
  • Which "sales guy" to believe who's trying to sell you "the next best thing,"
  • and of course, making sure that through all that you're offering the best care to your patients!

We'll improve your business without distracting or overwhelming you or your staff.



Small Business Success - Best Marketing for Small Businesses

What Is This - And How Does This Work?

When you subscribe, we will dive into your business to assess the current state of your practice and provide you a highly detailed report, your "Monthly Roadmap," on what vital fundamentals need improving or development for business growth.  Having these fundamentals described, and in the order by which they should be accomplished is HIGHLY VALUABLE.  Each month going forward, the DIY Smart Marketing Team will accomplish a vital task as outlined in your Roadmap.

  • No Long-Term Committment or contracts
  • Affordable, and highly valuable
  • Consider our team as your "Virtual Marketing Director"



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This gets you "in the know" with your Monthly Roadmap for $497, and $497 per month each month the DIY Smart Marketing Team is working to accomplish the vital projects needed for your business to grow.






What to expect when you Subscribe

  1. When Subscribing, our system defaults to "12 Months" for the subscription duration.  Don't worry, we'll only charge you for the months required to complete vital tasks in your Roadmap (could be anywhere from 4 months to 12 months, and we'll discuss with you first!).
  2. Your credit card bill will show "NRDESIGNINC"  /   "New-Ride Design / DIY Smart Marketing."  New-Ride Design is our parent company.
  3. While we work to schedule a good time to meet together on the phone or GoToMeeting, our team has ALREADY begun researching your business online to begin building your Monthly Roadmap.
  4. After talking together to better understand your business, we’ll incorporate that information into the already developing Monthly Roadmap and strategy.
  5. You'll receive your Monthly Roadmap strategy for all vital projects needed to get your business in the right place for growth, and our team will have already begun working to complete your first project.




DIY Smart Marketing will provide the following to make sure you're moving forward the RIGHT WAY,
and in the RIGHT ORDER.

Measuring Marketing

Proper Google My Business
Account Setup & Maintenance

Consulting & Coaching

Customer Referrals

Website SEO

Online Profile Ownership
& Digital Office Organization

Customized Print Materials
& Signage

Social Media

Customer Service

Print Media

The Customer Experience

Website Basics

Online Reviews
& Reputation


Email Marketing


YouTube & Video Marketing

Print Advertising

Public Relations

And more!

FREE 30-Minute Consultation Call

Make sure this is the right fit for your business.  Schedule a 30-minute call with one of our experts so we can make sure DIY Smart Marketing is the right fit for you. 

If what you need is not a match, we'll help get you pointed in the right direction.  If this IS the right fit, we'll help get you started and answer any of your questions.


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