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Read examples below of "Did you Know?"  If you weren't aware of most of these elements - it's not much of a surprise!  You should be running your business instead of trying to learn marketing fundamentals, and how to implement them.  As a subscriber of DIY Smart Marketing - you'll have peace-of-mind knowing everything is taken care of the RIGHT WAY. 




Google My Business

We've found that MOST small businesses either don't have a My Business Account set up, or it's not setup in a way that maximizes new business opportunities.

  • Even if you're running Google Adwords, your My Business Account (or lack there of) could be losing leads?
  • Your Google Reviews might not be helping you at all if not setup properly
  • If your website isn't verified properly, you could be losing prime organic listings to your competitors

And that's just the beginning...


Website SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

  • If you built your website yourself, or had a "web designer" build it - you're likely missing a TON of simple SEO steps that could be vital to people finding your business
  • Even though Google continues to change its algorithms, many of the fundamentals from years ago (and that you can do yourself) can make a HUGE difference in your online exposure
  • Do you know how to properly review your website analytics, and make improvements to your site based on what you see?
  • Did you know there is ONE thing you can do that can most often launch your business to the top of Google Search Results?


YouTube for your business

  • Google owns YouTube, so building your YouTube Channel properly and maxing SEO on your videos will help your website's SEO?
  • More and more of the population searches not just Google for what they want - they now are searching YouTube extensively as well!
  • DIY Smart Marketing can help your videos rank high for your best keywords/phrases, and teach you how to maintain your rankings*


Website Usability

  • Proper placement of your phone number and Call To Action can dramatically improve incoming leads.
  • Reviewing your website usage analytics can help your website visitors find what they want immediately, increasing engagement and customer satisfaction
  • Know what one of the most HIGHLY visited pages on your website is?  We do, even without knowing your data.  Contact us for a consultation and we'll tell you how we know >>


Print Ads

  • Want to run a print ad?  Well, if you're planning on doing just ONE - then don't bother wasting your money.  We'll help you determine the best places to spend your marketing dollars.
  • Planning on running a true campaign?  We'll help you find additional print exposure based on your campaign plans with the publication.



We could go on and on and on...   There are SO MANY things that go into making sure your business is taking full advantage of the simple fundamental things - but you're too busy running your business to learn and implement all of it.

Sign up today to partner with us - we'll provide you guidance, your Monthly Roadmap of what is needed, and accomplish steps every month for an AFFORDABLE approach to growing your business!




*DIY Smart Marketing cannot predict performance due to ever-changing Google algorithms.

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