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Marketing Solutions Team For Small BusinessWe take pride in our expertise and experience - and the ability to offer our services to you.

Everyone in our team shares special backgrounds and skills, and senses of humor!  We know how to get the job done, and do it quickly - but whenever possible you'll find us smiling and reaching out to you with a friendly demeanor.  After all...  life's too short! 

We hope our good works and attitudes rub off on you and your business.  Our belief is strong that the right attitudes will have an even more positive effect on the success of our customers.

Still not sure about us?  Schedule a phone meeting (or face-to-face meeting if you're in the Denver, CO area) with us and you can ask as many questions as you'd like until you've determined whether we're a good fit for you or not.

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Jon Rottier - Founder of DIY Smart Marketing and New-Ride Design Group - Best marketing for small businesses

Jon Rottier

Founder, FUNder

As the founder of DIY Smart Marketing Jon is the brains and drive behind this operation.  His experience started in 1999 as the sixth guy in a startup software firm as Marketing Director, and helped grow the firm until being acquired by ORACLE. He has since continued to help small businesses grow and market themselves at his firm New-Ride Design. As the Funder of DIY Smart Marketing, Jon is the fun behind this operation. He thinks he's funny, but really he just a 40-something-year-old guy trying to help people be more successful. Ok, ok. Maybe he's a little funny ;)

Fun Facts: Jon is always reinventing himself, and as such has enjoyed some very cool experiences in life - including cooking blueberry jam for ex-President Ford, co-producing a Top 10 Billboard charting song (and still can be found performing every once in a while), hiked the long trail to Machu Pichu, among many other fun times - and for some reason he rarely wears matching socks...



Olivier Fox Renard - Marketing Services For Small Business

Olivier "Fox" Renard

Project Implementation and Video Marketing Expert

Project taskmaster, website guru, graphics and video monster...  Olivier is our go-to guy to make sure our customer's monthly projects are expertly completed properly. He's also our bi-lingual employee - so if you speak French, you'll be at home talking with him about your needs...  English works too ;)

Fun Fact: As much as Olivier loves being focused on his computer to get things done, his spare time is spent playing in several rock bands and volunteering for animal-rights organizations.



Fritz Kerr - Small Business Marketing

Fritz Kerr

Sales, Marketing, Business Development

With deep experience from telecommunications to medical practice management, Fritz is the go-to guy for consulting, processes, and better understanding the "big picture" for your business. He and Jon have been working together for over 10 years to help build and grow small businesses.

Fun Fact: Having lived in Australia for a little while, don't be surprised if you end up getting called "mate" on one of your calls!



Max Walter - Web Design and Illustration

Max Walter

Online Marketing, Graphics and Web Guru

Max is the go-to guy for all things "web" and design - helping DIY Smart Marketing subscribers get as much out of branding and marketing as possible.

Fun Fact:  In addition to his web expertise, you might find the children's book he wrote and illustrated in your favorite bookstore!



Frank Rottier - Marketing For Small Businesses

Frank Rottier

Idea Maker, Breaker, and General Smart Guy 

Frank serves in many roles at DIY. Mostly, he brings decades of very successful business experience from the business world. As our "ol' grey hair" of the team, Frank keeps us grounded and on track so we don't lose sight of our mission to serve every customer to the fullest.

Fun Fact:  Frank still occasionally cries himself to sleep for passing up a lifetime ski pass to Vail in 1967 for just $500..  but it hasn't kept him off the slopes. He continues to enjoy skiing with friends and family every year.

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