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Content Marketing tips

 Do you guys remember Mystique from X-Men? She was Magneto's sidekick who could change her appearance and look like whoever she chose. Well, this is about the Mystique of marketing because this type of marketing can take many forms. I’m talking about content marketing.

First I want to define it for you. Content marketing is marketing through the use of…wait for it…content! Mediums that fall under this category are social media, blogging, infographics, videos, etc.

Still confused? Think about it this way...

Traditional marketing methods include television commercials, print materials, and other tactics that are designed to highlight the positive attributes about your business in order to attract people. Content marketing has a totally different approach.

The purpose of content marketing is to create content for your audience that is helpful, educational, entertaining, and of course advertises your business. It is focused on your audience rather than your business.

A business that has a successful content marketing strategy will achieve such by generating content that its audience is already interested in.

So, say, Chiropractors might want to write blog posts that focus on what to do if you injure your back a certain way. Even if the solution is a home remedy and not necessarily coming in to see a Chiropractor. The point is to help your audience because that develops know, like, and trust. And establishing know, like, and trust with your audience leads to the reputation of an expert and therefore leads to more business as people come to the “expert” for help that they can’t do themselves.

A Chiropractor might want to share articles on social media about different exercises someone can do at home to relieve sore muscles.

Content marketing blurs the lines between different types of marketing because it includes so many types of previously segmented marketing tactics.

For example, content marketing could look like a video about the statistics of people whose injuries get worse if they stop chiropractic treatment before the recommended time versus the injuries of those who take advantage of every visit prescribed.

It could also look like a YouTube channel hosted by a man and a woman that discuss the most outrageous injuries on the web that week and how to treat the injuries incurred during those events.

As you can see, content marketing has many forms and faces, but the most important take away from this whole post is this:

Content marketing: do it. This is a fanTASTIC way to reach people. If someone has a hurt back then they will google their problem and you want your content to rank on the first page so that they see it, go through it, and come to you for more advice and hopefully pay you to fix them.

Having a social media presence, a blog with good, relevant, and entertaining information, a YouTube channel, and other content outlets increases your chances of getting seen by about a zillion.

Don’t be fooled though, if other Chiropractors start to do the same thing it will be much harder to stand out and you will have to rely on the quality of your content to remain on top.

So create content, make it valuable, and target your audience very directly with your content and you should be in good shape.

Thanks for reading! Have any questions or thoughts to share? Leave a comment below!

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